The Wedding Video

What Would Jesus Do?

The best lesson I have applied to our relationship is as cliché as it gets. My inner voice goes “Are your words and/or actions aligned with God”? When Proverbs 3: 5-6 says “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”. Let me highlight lean not unto thine own understanding! If Jesus is our example of how to treat and love his people, how aligned are you with him? He is our standard.

Literally this is a 4 step process:

– Believe, trust and have faith that God’s word our Lord is true. Worthy to be followed. Not part of his word, or some but ALL of his word with ALL of your heart. Your words are a reflection of your heart.
– Know the difference between your thoughts, beliefs from the world and God’s word… Just follow God!
– Praise, thank and be grateful for God. Tell his people about his word.
– Listen, journal and follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

This is what God being the anchor of our relationship looks like.

I was texting someone that expressed disinterest in me sharing wedding or any information with them really. After I …

Picture Perfect!
Love & Respect

The Wait is Over!

The best way to get under my skin is to tell me “The Wait is Over”. I know you all mean well but I’ve been doing everything but waiting LOL.. If you know Alicia then you know I make moves, I am intentional and very practical. So much that I literally scheduled dates in my calendar with Donte and he even thought I would schedule our first kiss. Either way, I’ve been so focused on building generational wealth there was no time to wait. Most wouldn’t know but I have a HVAC Apprentice license, studying for my HVAC Journeyman license, searching for investment properties, expanding my network, changed my career path, increased my tax bracket, growing closing to God, working on Master’s degree number two, and so much more!

Donte and I set a date for marriage in 2018. We both prayed, went through our own self-reflected journey of growth and agreed on April 25, 2020 as our day. There was no need to wait. We are always on God’s timing. About three years of intentional dating, three months of engagement (because who needs a year to plan a bomb wedding ceremony & reception LOL) and endless love to go!

The Engagement Proposal

Alicia and I met at the TLA on September 17th, 2016 and that’s where I wanted to propose. I reached out to Alicia’s parents on the 24th and told them I wanted to propose on the 25th. I then called JP & Olivia and told them the plan. They agreed to take candid shots of the proposal! On Saturday the 25th, we headed down to South Street to eat at Nora’s Kitchen. When we parked, I grabbed Alicia’s hand and pulled her across the street in front of the TLA. I walked over to an open space where JP could take some photos and I proposed! People across the street were cheering for the proposal and a couple guys walking past yelling, “pull up! I would have been proposed!” Alicia was confused, but when I got on one knee with the ring she was super surprised. She said yes, she would marry me and have my babies! 🙂

Afterwards, the street cheered us on and we walked to Nora’s Kitchen. My family was there to meet us and we had a great time celebrating!

This was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. So many things aligned for this day to happen. Thankful for all of the experiences and blessings I’ve had in life to prepare for this moment. God is good, all the time.

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